La cire de soja

Soy wax

Scented candles have become an essential to slip into our interiors. We all love these pretty decorative objects to perfume our interior, but it is important to remember the composition and risks of a traditional candle.

A classic scented candle is made of paraffin, which is a molecule derived from petroleum... we might as well tell you that burning it is not good for breathing and has harmful effects on your health.

This is why we have chosen to fill our candles with vegetable soy wax. Its entirely natural composition is respectful of the environment and everyone's health but it also has advantages that a classic wax does not have.

Vegetable wax is completely natural, ecological, and comes from renewable materials. A soy scented candle does not contain GMOs, pesticides or herbicides and does not release materials harmful to health.

But that's not all, the combustion of vegetable wax is slower than classic wax and guarantees better diffusion of the perfume.

The soy wax that we use for our candles is an excellent alternative to perfume your cocoon with a sweet natural scent, without harmful effects on your health.

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