Terms of Sales

Company identity:
Bahia mala SRL
59 rue Clement Delpierre
1310 La Hulpe
VAT: BE0784813043

BNP Paribas Fortis Bank
IBAN: BE26 0019 2846 9629

The general conditions as described below relate to the products offered by Bahia mala SRL and apply to all deliveries. Each order implies acceptance of the conditions of sale. The general conditions of Bahia mala SRL can only be applied under Belgian law.

Purchase and payment

  • The agreement between Bahia mala SRL and you, as buyer, is concluded when you have accepted and fulfilled the conditions of Bahia mala SRL. The lack of a simple signature does not change the fact of declaring the purchase and acceptance of the conditions obligatory.
  • Bahia mala SRL has the right to refuse an order or to subject it to additional conditions as in the case of large volume orders, orders placed by minors, incomplete procedures, problems with previous orders...
  • Bahia mala SRL always confirms the purchase by email. The agreement does not come into force without sending confirmation by email.
  • Payment for products purchased from Bahia mala SRL is only made using the payment methods offered.
  • The seller remains the owner of all products until full payment has been made.
  • To ensure the security of online payments and your personal data, transaction data is locked by SSL technology when sent over the internet. You don't need any special software to make your payments over SSL.
  • The general conditions and the confirmation email are written in the language of the website. Delivery and product delivery time will be the responsibility of the buyer.
  • Other conditions may apply in the event of delivery abroad.
  • Delivery and transport costs will be communicated to you before confirmation of your purchase. If shipping costs cannot be calculated automatically, we will give you an indication of the costs.

Product information

  • Information, images, oral communications, etc. relating to all offers and the main characteristics of the products communicated by telephone or email are provided to you with all possible precision. Bahia mala SRL is not responsible for advice, printing errors on the site or technical data provided by suppliers.
  • The products offered by Bahia mala SRL meet current legal standards and can be sold online.
  • It is possible that Bahia mala SRL includes links from other websites which may be of interest to the visitor. These types of links are included for informational purposes only. Bahia mala SRL cannot be held responsible for the content of the website to which reference is made.


• All prices are communicated before payment. These are indicated in euros including tax. Transport costs are mentioned separately.

Intellectual property

The content of this site, including brands, logos, designs, data, dates, product names, texts, images, etc... are protected by intellectual law and belong to Bahia mala SRL or to third parties entitled to it.

Questions and complaints

• Bahia mala SRL handles questions and complaints within a reasonable time of 7 days.


• All offers and contracts can only be applied under Belgian law.

Limitation of liability

The information on the site is of a general nature and is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances. Therefore this information cannot be taken as personal, professional or legal advice by the visitor. Bahia mala SRL does everything possible to ensure that the information available is complete, correct, precise and up-to-date. Despite its efforts, inaccuracies may occur. If the information provided contains errors or if it is unavailable, Bahia mala SRL will do what is necessary to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. However, Bahia mala SRL cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by the information on this site. If you notice errors in the information made available by the site, do not hesitate to contact the administrator.

The content of this site (links included) may be modified, adapted or supplemented at any time, without prior announcement or communication.

The content of this site (links included) may be modified, adapted or supplemented at any time, without prior announcement or communication. Bahia mala SRL does not guarantee the proper functioning of the site and can never be held responsible for the poor functioning or temporary unavailability of the site nor for any form of damage, direct or indirect, caused by access to the site or by the use of the same.
Bahia mala SRL cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from the use of this site or another, all links and hyperlinks included, and for any loss, work interruptions, damage programs or other data from the user's computer system, hardware, software or others.

The website may contain hyperlinks to third party websites or pages, or refer to them indirectly. This in no way implies implicit approval of its content. Bahia mala SRL formally declares that it has no say over the content or other characteristics of these websites nor can it be held responsible for the content or its characteristics nor for any type of damage caused by the use of the latter.