La nouvelle collection

The new collection

Discover our new summer 2023 collection!

After Argentina and Chile, fly with us to Peru! For this collection, we have imagined colorful, summery and joyful candles.

This new collection is not covered with ropes or Argentinian fabrics but with alpaca wool! Each candle is made from pieces of Alpaca wool fabric woven by hand, on a loom in the mountains of the Andes. Where winter is freezing, Andean families have developed an art of weaving wool and alpaca to protect themselves from the cold.

The Andean civilizations of Peru are also particularly known for their palette of bright colors that never lose their brilliance. It's all the know-how of weaving and pigmentation that makes this collection so unique.

But that's not all ! This collection is made from scrap fabrics. This means that all candles are different and each candle is unique and exclusive!

Just like the previous collections, the candles from the Aymara collection are filled with vegetable wax and are scented with our sweet “Forest Walk” fragrance based on cedar, maquis and a touch of eucalyptus.

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