Natural materials

Our candles are made from cotton wicks and 100% vegetable Belgian wax, GMO-free and paraffin-free. This formula guarantees a quality candle, without carcinogenic substances, as gentle on your health as it is on the planet. The glass container is mouth-blown, the old-fashioned way, by true glass artisans and the rope that covers the glass is made of natural and biodegradable fibers.

A passion for craftsmanship

All our candles are designed and made in Belgium. Each Bahia mala candle is carefully covered with fabrics brought from Argentina and Chile. The final assembly of the candle with the ropes and fabrics is done entirely by hand, one by one, in our workshop in Belgium.

A thoughtful production

Due to the artisanal nature of our candles, all our editions are developed in limited quantities. A way for us to move away from mass consumption but also to offer you unique pieces handcrafted with passion.